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Welcome to Nizamabad District Police Website

Sri. Kartikeya, IPS
Commissioner of Police

Road Safety Measures

 Mobile off and seat belt on.
 Overtake with caution and care.
 Crossing is fine on Zebra Lines.
 Don't mix drinking with driving.
 Lane driving is safe driving.
 Don't over speed.
 Always wear helmet.
 Use low beam at night.
Have a safe journey   -Traffic Police, NZB


Police Notice

Police Commissionerate, Nizamabad

Womens' Corner

Emergency Contact No's (24 X 7)

In Emergency Please Dial for help (24X7)

Police Control Room : 100

Fire Station : 101

Ambulance : 108

Women's Protection :1091

Police Control Room : 9440795448

SB Control : 9490618000

How do I report a Crime ?

  • You can lodge a complaint in person either orally or in writing at your jurisdictional Police Station. (In case of registration of a case, a written complaint along with the signature is amust.)

  • How can I inform about a crime to police ?
  • People can report a criminal case through phone either to the concerned local police station or to the control call center. They can report to Patrol Mobile Officers who will be available throughout the day and night for the community.

    Personally, they can report at the reception counter of the nearest police station.

    In case of an accident report, the individual can communicate through phone. Individuals need not visit either police stations or courts for giving evidence, if they choose to not to.

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